Display serif sketches

Here are some rough sketches for a display serif I've been working on since Friday. If you wanted to be nice you could say that it's neutral, but really it's just boring. I need to think of some ways to add some flavor here.

As you add details, try to move away from the Scotch realm. With Chronicle now released and Miller Display, as well as Mercury, Farnham, and all the Fleischmans, it's a pretty crowded field.

Yeah, I actually didn't think about it that way, but the scotchiness of this one is undeniable. Mostly I just wanted to draw a face that wasn't broad nib calligraphic. I wanted to draw something that looked like it was cut out of sharp metal, without the slavish devotion to a system that wrecks Bodoni. It may be that's what the first people drawing scotch faces were thinking too.

even with all those others Stephen mentions, I quite like this more that several of those mentioned.